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Queen of the Reef


Matthew John Frith a.k.a. Matt Frith

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Sora’s Keyblade


…again a lonely, old warrior waiting for us in the blue cathedral. I don’t know what it feels to fight him if you discover the souls with dark souls II, but when you first did dark souls, and fought Ornstein & Smough, it changes it all. Of course without his big mate it’s easier, but it’s an early encounter in the game…  He got a darker, rustier look than Orstein.

Oh, also the music of this boss is really good !


the last giant

the pursuer

the dragonrider


Federico Infante


is it a shark or what? I haven’t a clue what this is.. might even have a laser somewhere.

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Here are two environment concepts I did recently for an animation pitch called Xeno-Control commissioned by Cody Pearce!

In the far future, astronauts capture dangerous aliens that threaten human colonists on other planets - dogcatchers in space.

The first image depicts one of the aliens from the series -  a Phoomar - attacking the Terrier near an algae rig.

The second shows the interior living space of the Terrier where Rex, Trixie, and Jonah hang out.

"what year was that again?" - me trying to remember 5000 years of history.